A West Kilbride councillor is urging residents to avoid the countryside when exercising after a number of complaints were made by farms in the area.

The latest guidance from the UK Government states that people should ‘stay local and use open spaces near to your home where possible’.

However, several farms in West Kilbride took to Facebook to ask that nobody comes through their land at this time, in order to protect themselves, the farm workers and their livestock during lambing season.

Emma Parker, of Crosbie Mains farm, posted to say that they are an at risk group and people do not need to be walking through touching gates and fences.

She said: “We are wanting people to avoid coming through the farm as there are gates that they are touching, we use these frequently and it is very difficult to keep them disinfected.

“We have to be very careful because there is a person on the farm who is high risk with no immune system.

“We are lambing at the moment so we do not want strange dogs coming through the farm, and there’s lots of people taking cars up and getting stuck then needing our help.”

Councillor Todd Ferguson is urging residents to follow the UK Government’s advice and exercise close to home and not make any unnecessary journeys into the countryside.

He said: “There have been numerous concerns raised with myself in relation to residents thinking that the best way to get out and exercise is to travel to areas which they would not normally escape to.

“Farmers around the village have been inundated with people, Portencross has been busier than usual, people have been squeezing past each other at Seamill access, and people have been walking up around Crosbie more regularly than usual.

“It is important to remember that our farms are a crucial lifeline in our supply chain and must be allowed to go about their daily duties without interference from the public, especially as a lot of people are walking with dogs at a time when farms are entering lambing season.

“As a keen walker myself I appreciate the right to roam law, however these are not normal times and people need to use their common sense to ensure that we beat this virus as quickly as possible.

“I would urge residents to avoid the countryside, for the time being, and stay close to home if they wish to get out for some fresh air.

“I cannot stress this enough, please stay at home to save lives.”