Fairlie's important role during World War 2 will be discussed in an online event to mark the VE Day 75th anniversary celebration.

North Ayrshire Family History Society has given a shortened version of a talk that was due to take place by John Riddell entitled "The Establishment: Fairlie's secret war

The family history talk, in a shortened version, is being posted on North Ayrshire's heritage and culture facebook page.

Sir Winston Churchill hailed the work done at Fairlie’s Fife boatyard during the Second World War as playing a major part in turning the tide against the Nazis.

The British Prime Minister praised the work done at the Fairlie Anti-Submarine experimental establishment, which had taken over the village boatyard, between 1940-1946.

The Royal Navy Anti-submarine research establishment was forced to move from its base at Portland in Dorset, to Fairlie in November 1940, because of its close proximity to The Battle of Britain.

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