THE people of Largs and Millport paid their respects in a low-key and respectful manner on the 75th anniversary of VE Day.

At Largs War Memorial at 3pm, Royal British Legion Scotland (Largs) chairman Jack Ransom and assistant chairman Miller Paterson placed wreathes.

In Millport, the legion also hosted a short socially distanced service at the island's war memorial.

The Royal British Legion in Millport urged islanders to turn out on their doorsteps for a moment's silence and to salute our fallen heroes.

Island veteran John F Kennedy, who missed out on a trip to Normandy to make the occasion, also laid at wreath at the memorial on the west side of the island, joined by piper Eric Smith.

The bells at the Cathedral of the Isles also rang out at 11am.

The Royal Observer Corps received funding for a beacon to be erected at the secret bunker museum in Skelmorlie, which was lit at 3pm on Friday. They sounded the all-clear siren whilst flying the ROC flag and transmitting VE Day in Morse code.

Largs St John's Church and Cumbrae Parish Church minister Reverend Jonathan Fleming also paid tribute to those who made the ultimate sacrifice.

He said: "May we give thanks for all who did so in the name of peace and may we continue to pray for those in situations of conflict across the world."

Padre Alec Boyd of the Cathedral of the Isles added: "For us in our maritime setting on the Isle of Cumbrae we remember the many who left here to go to war as sailors, soldiers and airmen.

"We do well to be profoundly grateful for their sacrifice on our behalf and for the freedom and privileges they won for us at great price.

" Perhaps the Covid-19 pandemic has reawakened us to better understand some of the deprivations that our veterans suffered for us as we experience current financial hardship, limitations and shortages."

Jamie Greene MSP added: “Just as today’s frontline is a battle against an invisible enemy, we too remember the wars fought by our parents and grandparents so that we are able to live as a free people.

“As we continue to face one of the greatest challenges of our time, on VE Day we remembered that when the going got tough, we stuck together."