North Coast residents can win a years’ worth of ice cream sundaes at Nardini’s Café by designing their own.

The café is looking for ice cream lovers to name and create their own, and the most popular will be added on to the menu permanently.

Staff in the shop will recreate their favourite 13 recipes, and these will then be put to a vote on social media, with the sundae with the greatest number of likes crowned the winner.

The lucky resident who created the winner will win a years’ worth of sundaes, with the 12 runners up receiving 13 free sundaes each.

The sundae creations must include ice cream and one or all of fruit, toppings and sauce, with a name also required for entry.

Entries close at 8PM on Sunday 17 May and the top 13 will be announced the following day.

Visit the Nardini’s Café Facebook page for more information and to take part.