AN early morning sail on the Firth of Clyde landed three youths in hot water after they defied the coronavirus lockdown.

The trio got into difficulty in a motorboat off Largs shore on Tuesday around 7.45am and had to be rescued by the local coastguard team.

But they then find themselves falling foul of police who were waiting to charge them when they were brought ashore.

Sergeant Sharon Kerr said: "The three young men were all charged with lockdown breach related offences."

A Police Scotland spokesperson added: “Police received a report of concern for people who had gotten into difficulty on a motorboat off the coast of Largs.

“Three men aged 18, 21 and 21 were charged with a breach of Coronavirus Regulations under the Coronavirus Act 2020.

“Police attended the incident along with colleagues from the coastguard."

Coastguard coastal operations area commander Ross Greenhill said reckless behaviour by a minority was putting lives at risk.

He said; "We want people to stay at home and save lives."

Ross said rescues in the current climate not only endanger the health of his officers, many of whom are volunteers, but also their families.

He reiterated that irresponsible actions 'put the NHS under strain when all resources should be focused on combating the pandemic'.