MP Patricia Gibson has called on the UK government to take action against unreasonable hikes in the prices of essential items by online retailers due to the Covid-19 pandemic

Recent investigations by consumer rights organisation Which? has found hundreds of listings for essential products, such as soaps, cleaning products and toilet paper at highly inflated prices being sold via online marketplaces such as Amazon and eBay.

An example Which? reported was in the price of Carex products, such as hand wash and hand sanitiser, being sold for five times the typical supermarket price, with 98% on sale for at least double the price. They found similar trends replicated for other in-demand items and on other online marketplaces.

Commenting, Patricia Gibson MP said: “The extent of the price rises being reported is truly shocking. Many of these products are vital in helping protect individuals and their families from COVID-19.

“While online retailers such as Amazon and eBay have taken some welcome steps to allow for the reporting and removal of products being sold at highly inflated prices, it is clear that these do not go far enough to stop this reckless profiteering.

“It is essential that the UK Government - to which such matters are reserved - steps in and introduces emergency legislation to prevent dramatic price increases and protects consumers."