Kelburn Windfarm Trust is to consider new applications for grants from groups involved in the Coronavirus crisis.

Although the initial deadline for the 2020 annual submissions from organisations in Largs, Fairlie and Cumbrae has passed the local committee will welcome additional applications.

RES (Renewable Energy Systems), operators of wind turbines on the Kelburn estate, have announced that part of their annual community payments of around £50,000, can go towards local projects involved in Covid-19 support efforts.

Kelburn Trust chairman, local solicitor Alistair Green said:"Although we have received a number of annual applications for good causes in Largs, Fairlie and Cumbrae we intend to extend the deadline to June 26 to receive new bids.

"We have agreed with RES that, for this year, we will broaden our remit to consider special cases for financial support from organisations involved in action related to Coronavirus."

Normally, funds are only available for local environmental, educational, amenity or other appropriate registered, not for profit organisations with enhancing social sustainability as one of the categories. Since 2012 the Windfarm Fund has distributed more than £350,000 to worthy causes.

Applications must be made online at