Staff at Lloyd’s Pharmacy in West Kilbride have become local celebrities after creating an uplifting dance video in their protective equipment.

Rebeckah McGrath, Gabrielle Workman and Julie Goldie wanted a fun way to remind people to stay at home, but also to show that you can still have fun during the coronavirus crisis.

After posting the video on the ‘West Kilbride People’ Facebook page on Friday 10 April, it was well received by the community, with locals thanking the girls for their hard work throughout the last few months.

Rebeckah said: “We’ve been feeling a bit stressed, and we came up with an idea of a five minute dance party to brighten the mood.

“I though we should just do a wee TikTok inspired video to raise awareness for staying safe.

“The girls were up for it, we rehearsed over lunch, we did take quite a few takes to be honest.

“Our aim was just to raise awareness of staying safe and trying to put a smile on the community’s face.”

The girls have been inundated with requests for more videos, with residents coming into the shop to ask for more.

Rebeckah said: “We keep getting requests from the community, we’ve had such positive feedback.

“It’s to recognise we can still have fun and be light-hearted at the moment, a lot of people are asking us in the shop if were doing another one.

“We’ve got a good wee team and the company have been really supportive and encouraging us to be positive”.

The pharmacy team have been integral in the village since the coronavirus crisis began, with volunteers now picking up prescriptions for those most vulnerable or unable to leave their homes due to self-isolation.

Rebeckah added: “The community spirit is going quite well, we’ve got a full team of village volunteers.

“We’re happy to be at the heart of the community helping out, it’s a good feeling.”

Local residents were thrilled with the girl’s video, with one calling them the heroes of West Kilbride and countless others thanking them for all their hard work.

The girls plan to create more videos in the coming weeks to help keep spirits up and to remind people to stay home and stay safe.