ScotRail have highlighted concerns about a large group of 30 who travelled by train to Largs for a trip to the beach this afternoon.

The matter was raised by the rail company on social media which resulted in a number of responses from the public.

ScotRail stated: "This is a special message for the group of 30 or so folk who travelled together by train for a trip to Largs beach this afternoon.

"You're making a mockery of all the people who have worked so hard to stop the spread of Coronavirus. Wise up."

Asked whether the rail company had the power to eject the passengers, ScotRail responded: "We're not the police and, quite frankly, our staff shouldn't be put in that situation.

"We're not the police, we do not have the powers to question every single person who wants to travel with us each day about their intentions.

"People need to take some responsibility for their own actions."

Largs and Millport Weekly News:

First Minister Nicola Sturgeon says restrictions on group sizes and travel distances could be put into law after it concerns that some people did not follow the rules at the weekend.