A local woman is encouraging others in the community to get involved in the Black Lives Matter campaign from their homes this Sunday.

Kelise Bryceland has contacted the 'News' and urged people to take part from the safety of their own homes.

She said: "As some of you may have seen there will be a protest in Glasgow this coming Sunday to support the black lives matter movement, however after talking with family and friends who are all keen to take part we are all very much still in the midst of a pandemic and although you may want to take part and do your bit you might not want to be around a high number of people due to the coronavirus still circulating.

"I’ve come up with the idea of protesting from home in your front garden to give people a safer alternative and add to the protest.

"This Sunday from 5-6pm, set up in your garden for a while, make some signs, inform your neighbours, family and friends as to why you’re protesting and encourage them to do the same.

"It’s time to acknowledge the freedom and put it to good use helping those that need us the most right now.

"If anyone else feels they have any important information about the cause by all means please share.

"Let’s educate each other and stand together to help."

For more details about the event, go here