Millport Golf Club say they have found no foundation in reports over golfers hiding in vans on the Cumbrae ferry so far, but have launched an investigation.  

It comes following concerns that passengers have been caught hiding in vehicles on ferries headed for Scotland's islands in an attempt to evade a ban on non-essential travel, according to reports, writes Elle Duffy.

CalMac ferry staff have discovered several groups onboard their ferries trying to flout their lockdown rules, according to The Scotsman.

One group of stowaways were said to have included a group of golfers hiding in a van while travelling from Largs to Cumbrae.

However, a spokesperson for Millport Golf Club said: “We would like to advise that we have had three conversations with the Manager of CalMac in Largs during the course of the week to ask if they stopped any vanful of golfers from coming over to play golf they categorically said no they hadn't and that it was another depot, at the same time I asked for this damaging  gossip to be stopped. The executive of the golf club have instigated an investigation to see if any people have played.”

The club say the probe will be dealt with expedientially “in a manner befitting the good name of Millport Golf Club.”

Currently, CalMac is preventing all but essential travel on their ferries until the end of June, despite the Scottish Government implementing Phase 1 of lockdown.

While those on the mainland can travel for exercise and visit family while practising social distancing, travelling to and from islands is to be prohibited until at least June 30.

 “Some people are going stir crazy after being refused the ability to travel for more than two months," a ferry source told The Scotsman.

Another case saw two people discovered in the rear footwell of a car on a ferry heading from the Isle of Arran to mainland Ardrossan.

Both attempts were thwarted after being found by ferry staff after being reported by other people, and were refused travel.

CalMac director of operations Robert Morrison said: “As per Scottish Government guidelines, travel to our islands remains for essential purposes only.

“We have had some occasions when people have tried to gain passage to or from our islands by concealing themselves in vehicles.

“Anybody found to be doing so will be not be allowed to travel.

“We would again encourage people to behave responsibly and respect the wishes of island communities until guidelines allow for non-essential travel.”