LARGS Thistle President David Blackwood has warned youngsters to stay away from Barrfields football pitch during the current COVID-19 pandemic.

Passers-by reported groups of up to 10 youths playing football on the astroturf pitch during the recent spell of good weather.

One concerned member of the public alerted the News - and labelled their behaviour 'dangerous'.

They said: "I drove past Barrfields earlier and about 10 youths were out playing football. It is so selfish and dangerous.

"They perhaps don't realise if a second wave of the virus hits that lockdown will be so much harder and longer than it has been so far?

"We are still in a partial lockdown which has been lifted a little to let folk family and close friends for a short time in a controlled situation, not for kids to go out, meet their pals and play as if nothing is wrong."

Club President David Blackwood also hit out at the rule breaking.

He said: "They should not be doing this.

"The stadium is locked for a good reason. The nets have been getting damaged and it is ridiculous behaviour, especially given the players aren't even allowed to train at the moment."

David believes the youngsters gained access due to construction works currently taking place at Barrfields to update the stadium.

He added: "The kids have probably taken advantage, but this will now be blocked off. The bottom line is that Barrfields is not available for anyone to use at this current time."

David urged locals to contact police if they see any repeat.

Chief Superintendent Faroque Hussain, Police Commander for Ayrshire, said: "Our officers will continue to engage with the public, explain the legislation and guidance and encourage compliance. We will use enforcement as a last resort only where there is a clear breach of the legislation.

"We want people to enjoy our outdoor spaces safely and our officers will be robustly tackling crime and anti-social behaviour in our communities."