North Ayrshire Heritage Centre are wanting your stories regarding how Largs and Millport coped during the pandemic for historic reference in future.

A spokesperson explained: "As a heritage and museum service, we have a duty to collect the history of North Ayrshire.

"This pandemic is undoubtedly a huge significant event in our lives and it is vitally important that this time is recorded and preserved for our future generations to have accurate, personal accounts to learn from, to fully understand what we are currently living through and the effect this has had on our everyday lives.

"We would like to collect experiences, photographs, stories and videos that tell how our lives have changed; are you working from home? Or on the frontline?

"What our towns looked like during this time with the lack of cars and people; How we managed (or not) with home schooling; how we kept in touch, kept ourselves entertained and celebrated special events.

Please take part by sending via email to