Flowers were stolen from a Millport War Memorial in a daring raid by four-legged thieves – a group of rabbits.

A total of 18 plants were pulled up and dragged away from the Cairn Memorial by the bunny burglars, leaving a trail of dirt, stones and bulbs in their wake.

Locals originally pointed the finger at human involvement, before a more thorough inspection of the damage revealed rabbit involvement.

Scott Watson, Chairperson of the Millport branch of the Royal British Legion Scotland, has vowed to help restore the memorial.

He said: “It's extremely sad to hear that the efforts of Andy, Stephen and Gail have gone to waste in this way.

“Whilst as a community we receive support from NAC for maintaining the memorials on the island, a lot of the upkeep and maintenance is done by individual volunteers and in kind by local businesses.

“We have been round and it appears that the culprits are of a four legged variety based on the mounds of dirt left and the spread onto the stones at the side, as well as bulbs that have been dug to the surface.

“I am aware that there is an exceptionally large amount of rabbits around that way at the moment.

“Although I'm glad it does not appear to have been malicious, the result however is the same and RBLS Millport will contact those involved to assist in restoring the great work they had done.”