A NEW calendar showcasing everyone's favourite local bears has been launched to raise funds for the ongoing works to resurrect Douglas Park.

It has been a busy time for the Coronabears, who have become local celebrities during lockdown after the Smith family of Glenacre Drive in Largs dressed them in different guises to give everyone a lift.

The bears have now become a family with the ongoing adventures of Hope, Sunshine and Little Rainbow continue to cheer people up.

The official Coronabears calendar, is taking pre orders for collection and local delivery. It will feature 40 top quality pages of fun and frolics for only £10.

Pre order for the calendar are now available from Haylie Stores or Haco Stores.

The Coronabears have had bucket collections in their front garden in recent weeks, collecting £1,257 for Alzheimer Scotland in support of Dementia Awareness Week 2020.

But the sad news is that the bears will be going into hibernation as soon as mum Maggie returns to work as driving instructor on 16 July.

She explained: "It will be their last hurrah.

"They have been a phenomenon but they are a bit weather-beaten now.

"The North Ayrshire Heritage Centre are looking to collate information about the lives of people in Ayrshire during lockdown so we are thinking that they might go to a museum. Beforehand we are going to contact school groups and see if anyone wants a visit from the Coronabears.

"We are also hoping to have a teddy bears' picnic in Douglas Park to promote the calendar this week so they will be having a busy time of it before they give their final farewell."