A LARGS couple have celebrated their 65th wedding anniversary in lockdown this week.

May and Ian McMillan marked their sapphire celebration with a small party at their home in Kelvin Street - with a new table and chairs as a gift.

May, 85, and Ian, 88, met at an accountancy firm in Royal Exchange Square in Glasgow.

Ian was an apprentice working up to becoming a chartered accountant while May was a book-keeper when love blossomed.

Having lived in Largs now for 38 years, the couple were regulars at Halkshill Bowling Club for many years.

May's father Robert Smith was a church officer at Clark Memorial Church and her parents opened The Orchard Fruit Shop in Main Street, Largs, with May also working there.

The couple have four children Christine, Douglas, Graham and Alistair, with Graham having his own joinery business in Largs before moving to Livingston.

They have nine grandchildren and 10 great grandchildren, the youngest being one-year-old Reece.

Asked for the secret of a long marriage, May said: "It is always give and take, looking out for each other, and enjoying each other's company."

Over the years, they have attended Clark Memorial, Brisbane Evangelical and more recently St John's Church in Largs.

May said: "When all this is over we hope to have a celebration at the Brisbane House Hotel."

Grand-daughter Christina, who also lives in Largs, said: "They are an amazing couple and had a wonderful time despite the lockdown restrictions."