THE hottest day of the year saw thousands of people breaking lockdown to swamp Largs seafront.

Temperatures reached over 30C in the town on Thursday 25 June, attracting swarms of tourists to the town - despite warnings to stay away.

Bins were left overflowing and the shore a litter-strewn mess, sparking fears a repeat could see scenes similar to those on Bournemouth beach.

Labour councillor Alex Gallagher said people must show greater consideration for locals when planning needless day trips to the town.

He added: "We don't have strict rules on visitors coming to the area in big numbers but if it is putting pressure on the services it may well be something we have to look into.

"I think people are making up their own rules due to the Scottish Government's mixed messages.

"The council has been very mindful of this with the phased opening of car parks.

"The message is clear - if you are visiting to see family then fine - but if you are just going to come here and overwhelm our services then it is going to lead to difficulties for all of us.

"We don't want to see a repeat of what has happened in Bournemouth."

"We are still supporting people through our community hubs and we still have a certain umber of the workforce off sick so we don't want to be put in the position of being under pressure and not having the resources to deal with them."

Local resident Archie Burleigh called on local business and the council need to team up to find a solution.

He said: "People come to the shore to enjoy the seaside and should be able to have the facilities to dispose of their rubbish here.

"Maybe some of the takeaways need to look at providing additional mobile bins too to help solve the problem.

"If you know the weather is going to be good from the forecast, the council could also sure that the there are additional street cleaning rotas at 4 and 6pm."

Independent councillor Ian Murdoch, a long time anti-litter campaigner, said: "I had asked for additional bins to be kept on the prom and the introduction of the solar powered compactor bins, which were working very well.

"Streetscene relocated two of the busiest solar compactor bins to Gallowgate Square and Tron Place for the quiet winter months.

"I asked for the bins to be returned to the prom sometime in March in preparation for the summer season.

"Lockdown came along and this never happened.

"I was concerned about how busy the town has been. I have asked about getting the two compactor bins back on the Prom.

"I have seen a total disregard from some people throughout lockdown to our beautiful environment and it is disgraceful."