The Largs Help at Hand project is rallying round to set up a community befriending service to combat loneliness in the area during the Covid19 pandemic.

Co-ordinator Cathy Hughes, pictured,  told the News that she had been moved to set up the service after hearing reports in the community of people suffering from loneliness and is determined to reach out to everyone affected.
She said: "I read a report of a lady at Morrisons Supermarket in Largs and she didn't want to go home as she had been stuck at home for 14 weeks without company.
"I felt it was important to set up a new service to reach out to people who are lonely, particularly the elderly, to say you are not alone and we are here to help you.
"We are hoping to arrange chats on the phone and help with people who are feeling anxious, isolated and cut off and maybe even put people who are feeling cut off to link up with each other.

Largs and Millport Weekly News:
"I would also make a plea to the public in general to keep a regular check on their neighbours and knock their door, particularly if you have not heard or seen them for a few days to check that they are ok."
A big promotional poster campaign is going round the town with phone numbers and advice to reach out to people suffering from loneliness.
Cathy said: "We really want to reach out to people and provide support at what is such a difficult time.
"Loneliness can affect all ages of people but there are elderly and vulnerable in Largs who may not get the opportunity to see others for a long time, and we are particularly eager to set up a friends network so that we can help alleviate loneliness which is a very real problem.
"There are people who would love to talk to you and reach out in any way they can.
"We are here to offer support, aid, friendship and comfort to all."
Phone The Living Room on 01475 789580 of Largs Help at Hand on 07813 999 206 or Millport 01475 789 179.