Largs lifeboat was requested to investigate a vessel thought to be in trouble off Wemyss Bay.

At 2.40pm on Saturday June 27 the volunteer crew received at VHF radio message from UK coastguard advising that a member of the public had reported a vessel was believed to be in trouble off Wemyss Bay.

With the coastguard were unable to contact this vessel, and the Largs RNLI actually on the water at the time, the lifeboat, with recently promoted Helm David Linton in command of his first shout, immediately proceeded.

On arrival they found a dive boat with a diver just returned to the vessel and two other occupants who advised that they were in no danger but merely had been diving for scallops.

The lifeboat then returned to station was refuelled and made ready for its next service call whilst the crew undertook the cleaning and decontamination of gear as per the RNLI’s COVID19 protocols.

The lifeboat was rehoused at 4.40pm.

David Hewitt Snr of Largs RNLI said: "This service was classified as a false alarm with good intent but the RNLI would advise that all vessels carry a method by which they be contacted usually this would be a marine VHF radio."