A LARGS teacher reckoned teenagers in the town were being 'ignored' as they campaigned for a new skateboarding park back in 2001.

Community Council chairman Tom Marshall, who also was a senior teacher at Largs Academy, made the point that youngsters in the school needed something to do as he pressed their case.

A recent survey of pupils held by the Rotary Club saw youths select a skateboarding facility as top of their wish list.

Mr Marshall, who taught maths, said at the time: “Teenagers are getting annoyed - they are not getting support from local council officers and they are feeling ignored.”

Local skaters believed Mackerston would be a perfect site for skateboarding and BMX ramps - and their wishes would later come to pass, with a facility there now popular among the town's teens. In other news CID officers were investigating a house raid in Irvine Road in Largs after two shotguns were stolen from within the property along with an antique silver cigarette holder - goods worth £7,000.

Elsewhere Largs was competing with Hawick and Galashiels in a bid to win the prestigious Scotland In Bloom award for the first time in decades.

New Largs Rotary Club President Neil Frazer was congratulated by past president Peter Grant and other members outside the Willowbank Hotel in Largs for some outstanding work.

The loca association was working hard to complete a project to build a children’s hospital in Romania and Mr Frazer was intending travelling to the Eastern European country for the opening ceremony.

Largs Players pulled off a very funny, if slightly surreal night of entertainment, with their eight Annual Comedy Theatre season at the Brisbane Centre.

It starred Peter Stevenson, Isobel Wyper and Drew Cochrane and he was followed by the equally funny “Cinderella, The Sequel”.

A new nightclub for over 25s opened in town - Oceans - below The Fiddlers.

The venue catered for those who loved the sights and sounds of the 70s and 80s and the bar itself contained over 50 stunning neon lighting effects. No part of the 210 person capacity club had been overlooked, from the stylish seating area complete with chilled lighting to the dancefloor, where computer controlled lighting system provided a stunning backdrop to the nightclub. Sadly Oceans is no more and the building was torn down recently following the sale of the land.