DEPARTMENT store Wilkies of Largs declared it is 'good to be back' as life returns to Largs town centre.

The clothing store in Bath Street reopened its doors with protective screens, social distancing, hand sanitiser and face masks to fore - with the later proving so popular that the shop quickly ran out of stock.

Wilkies traditionally offer a range of fashion, footwear and accessories for ladies and men but is diversifying as we come out of lockdown.

It is one of the most iconic names in the town and the staff told the News they are delighted to be back after bosses admitted they feared they could close due to a lack of financial support during the coronavirus pandemic.

Manager Jo Blight said: "Since reopening our customers have been really great, wearing their face coverings and sanitising as requested.

"We are limited in terms of trying garments on in the shop but people can take them away and come back if it doesn't fit, and so far we have not had one problem or complaint.

"Everyone has been really understanding.

"Hand sanitiser gel was very popular before lockdown but it is now widely available. Face masks are proving very popular. As soon as they came in they were sold out and we have another delivery coming.

"There is a nice wee buzz and people are glad to be getting out and about and enjoying some kind of normality.

"You just have to change and adapt. At the end of the day it is about employing common sense and most of the customers have been fine."

Assistant Margo Behan added: "It is really good to see our everyone again.

"A lot of our customers are like friends, they are like family and you look out for them. Wilkies is almost part of the community fabric.

"When we first re-opened there was a fear of the unknown but now that we have been open for a few days we are adjusting, all the measures are becoming like second nature.

"I think people are now getting used to it and accepting the situation and all the new measures in place.

"It is good to see life returning to our high street in general."

Labour councillor Alex Gallagher, who holds the economy portfolio for North Ayrshire which includes the Covid-19 response plan, said: "It is good to see our high street coming back to life again with sensible precautions in place and customers acting sensibly.

"It is good to see business picking up and bring some takings in during the summer."