A BARBERS in Largs Main Street had people queuing at the door from 5.45am for their first haircut in months.

With the latest phase of the lockdown lifting to allow hairdressers to reopen, local businesses reported a stampede on the first day of trading.

Soran Ale, owner of Soran's Barbers, said: "Last week was exceptionally busy.

"We had around seven people queuing to get in when we opened at 7am - and one of them had been there since 5.45am!

"There were some people who had tried to a do-it-yourself haircut during lockdown and, as you can imagine, we have seen quite a few efforts which required some sorting! "Everyone is so happy and excited to be back. Lockdown was difficult and it was far from an ideal situation as a business.

"For the time being at least, this is the new normal. We have a number of safety precautions in place such as PPE equipment and masks, but people are just delighted to be able to get a haircut again."

With social distancing and face coverings all in place, customers are asked to leave their name, address and contact details with the shop as part of the Scottish Government's new rules.

Soran, 41, opened the salon in Largs town centre three years ago.

The barber, pictured top right, said: "I also run some hairdressers in Glasgow but I was eager to come down and open a branch in Largs - and I love it here.

"Before lockdown, our last day was very busy as people realised it may be their last opportunity for a long time to get a trim.

"There have been been a lot of bad haircuts doing the rounds on social media, so it is good that the restrictions have been lifted so we can try and fix them."

Soran's are asking all customers to sanitise their hands on entering and leaving the shop and will not be offering hot towel shaves for the time being.