A GLAMOROUS Largs mum has become one of the star pupils of Slimming World in Largs - and is still allowed a tasty treat from her own takeaway! Tiffany Irvin, 36, of Douglas Street, has embraced lockdown and has shared her amazing meal ideas with the class.

It has not been an easy journey for the bubbly Fish Works entrepreneur after she fell off the proverbial wagon after making a good start to her diet last year.

But as the pictures show, Tiffany has undergone an incredible transformation.

She said: "I went to Slimming World last March after my sister recommended it and I did really well, hitting my target weight by December but as soon as I stopped going I put all the weight back on ... and more.

"I was doing too much eating and then trying to starve myself, but it was just not working.

"So when lockdown started, I was determined to make the change as I realised that I was danger of piling on even more."

Due to the current Covid19 situation, the Slimming World classes moved online - and Tiffany knuckled down.

She said: "I go out walking with the kids each day and have a new mindset." The mum-of-two has now lost another seven pounds in recent weeks, meaning she has shed two and a half stone in total.

Tiffany is married to Ross and they both run popular eatery in Largs and Beachcombers ice cream kiosk.

She said: "I have been properly sticking to the advice from Slimming World and having a lot of fruit, veg and proteins.

"I still have a sweet tooth and have a wee bar of chocolate with a cup of tea at night, while I still enjoy pasta, potatoes, and salad - I still manage to sneak in a fish supper sometimes too!"

Tiffany says that it has been a learning curve and with her eldest son turning 10 was her motivation to slim, look at more healthy eating and introduce exercise into her daily routine.

She added: "My sons Sloan and Ross have been delighted with my new look and I've got more energy for them too."

Slimming World instructor Nicola Frazer, 42, who originally hails from Millport, said: "Tiffany is a real inspiration for the whole class.

"I usually run the Saturday morning class at the AD Cameron Centre but everything has been running virtually over Zoom.

"Tiffany has been really motivational and came up with some great ideas, from different fish dishes to savoury rice and chicken - making them all healthier versions.

"She has been an example to the whole class."

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