AN eyesore car park which had become a health hazard rubbish dump has been given a clear up after the News highlighted the problem.

After we reported how items including a toilet suits and kitchen units had been left strewn across the facility in Largs Bath Street, two councillors took up the fight to have it cleared.

Tom Marshall and Ian Murdoch alerted North Ayrshire Council to the issue after it was exposed on our front page.

We told how local resident and community councillor Andy Adair was calling for the car park to be cleaned up and resurfaced after it started to attract rats.

Mr Adair said: "The car park has got even worse in recent weeks - and it is getting to the point that something really needs to be done. It has been left in a disgraceful state."

Now action is to be taken to address the issue.

Cllr Marshall told the News: "I have organised a clean up and will ask for an amenity notice to be applied. I will contact the known owners as soon as COVID-19 permits to carry out some improvements."

Although not technically their responsibility, the council have now contacted their rapid response team and requested that they clear the area.

A spokesperson added: "Our enforcement team will attempt to contact the owner with a view to invoicing them for waste removal costs."

Cllr Murdoch said: "I have raised the problems with the gap site in Bath Street with three different departments at NAC as I have been receiving complaints about the site. I have notified property management, environmental health and the fly tipping officer and have been notified that the rubbish will be cleared.

"It is thoroughly unacceptable that the Bath St car park has been used as a dumping ground and a toilet in the open air. Residents should not have to put up with that.

"It would be really good if something is eventually done to improve the access and look of the land."

The private land has been used as a car park for many years but there were fears it was becoming a health hazard during the recent public convenience closures due to the coronavirus pandemic.

The multi ownership issue of the car park means that consultation has to take place with different owners regarding any future improvement works at the site.