The Old People’s Champion for North Ayrshire is calling on residents to unite against the impending loss of free TV licences for over 75s.

The UK Government and BBC are set to remove free licences from August 1, and Councillor Jimmy Miller says people should keep campaigning and protesting against the cuts.

Cllr Miller says nothing should be ruled out as a tactic to fighting the decision, which he likens to the poll tax.

He said: “It is disgraceful that this cut is being implemented immediately after an unprecedented lockdown which has saw many older people isolated in their own homes.

“The free TV licence is a lifeline to the many older people who suffer from loneliness and isolation and the Covid-19 crisis has really emphasised the need to retain it.

“As North Ayrshire’s Older Peoples’ Champion, I will continue to campaign against the removal of the free TV licence even if they take it away next week and I call on others to do likewise.

“We must unite against the proposal and continue to keep the issue alive in the public’s mind.”