Independent councillor Ian Murdoch has praised bars and restaurants in the area for being well prepared for opening after lockdown.

With people getting the opportunity to enjoy a pint or a glass of wine, or a meal, they have been embracing the new normal.

Cllr. Murdoch said: "I'd like to praise the cafes and restaurants - they have been taking every precaution from taking people's contact details to social distancing and restricting the numbers of people in their establishments.

"It is good to see the economy moving again.

"Saturday was extremely busy with the good weather but it was a bit colder and more blustery on Sunday.

"The businesses are all very well organised and the shops are doing well - although I think members of the public should be taking on board how hard businesses and trying and maybe they should try a bit harder too.

"Although I did see some people wearing face coverings, I saw an awful lot of people without. I recognise that some people are exempt for health reasons but there seemed to be an awful lot of people to my mind in petrol stations and individual shops.

"I take my hat off to everybody who has followed the guidelines and the large number of people who are heeding the guidance but others do need to take heed of the situation."

Cllr Tom Marshall told the 'News' he visited Scotts at Largs Yacht Haven for a meal, and said he was impressed with the efforts in terms of social distancing, and the various restrictions in place including taking customers personal address details.

He said: "It is reassuring to see that the economy is getting moving again - and I felt very safe and secure within Scotts, and clearly a lot of effort had gone into to preparing the staff for re-opening."