THE paddle steamer Waverley's operators have announced that the famous ship will return to Largs and Millport for her first cruises since October 2018.

The vessel, built in Glasgow in 1947, will undertake a short programme of cruises obetween August 21 and September 6, including cruises from Largs Pier and Keppel Pier.  See full schedule here

Its first sailing from Largs is on Sunday at 12.30 for a sailing to Rothesay.

Due to Covid-19, capacity will be significantly restricted and all tickets must be booked in advance.

It is being recommended that tickets are booked online.

Waverley’s 2020 sailing season has been severely reduced from five months to just over two weeks due to Covid-19.

The operators of the famous ship Waverley Excursions stated: "This will present a funding challenge to cover the costs associated with the coming winter period and ensure Waverley returns to service in 2021. We will shortly launch our Waverley Covid Appeal to help raise essential funds. Donations can be made online, or by calling 0141 243 2224.

The Waverley hasn't carried passengers since the discovery, shortly before her 2019 season was due to begin, that her boilers needed replaced at an estimated cost of more than £2 million.

Following a major fund-raising campaign, which included a pledge of financial support from the Scottish Government, the boiler replacement work was carried out this summer.

Click here to view the ship's full sailing schedule for the next few weeks and for information on how to book tickets.