A MILLPORT-loving family proved that time can stand still on the island - after recreating a treasured holiday photo from 33 years ago.

Iain Cameron first came to Cumbrae as a boy in 1987 and instantly fell in love with the island, shown in this snap with his sister and father on Crocodile Rock.

When lockdown restrictions were eased recently, the 46-year-old from Port Glasgow, immediately headed to their favourite spot - and decided to recreate the picture.

He said: “We never went on foreign holidays because couldn’t afford them, so we were always looking for things to do close at hand.

“In 1987 there was a caravan park on Cumbrae and we went there for a week, we did loads of stuff, cycled round the island, went to the amusements and enjoyed ice cream.

“We took this photo of us on the rock and although we’ve been back individually since, we’ve never been back as a family.

“It’s a picture we all love, so when we went back recently, we thought we would try and recreate it. It’s not perfect but it’s pretty close.”

Iain added: “I have taken the place of my dad Alexander because my parents are shielding so they weren’t able to come with us this time.

“My sister Laura is in both of them sitting at the front of the crocodile, and my nephew Charlie has taken the place of my brother Allan in the middle, who couldn’t come this year.

“It was a nice thing to do and had circumstances been different we might have had everyone involved, it’s not an exact reproduction but it’s faithful.”

Iain, who works in environmental health and safety, says his family were delighted with the results, especially his parents.

He said: “The family were thrilled to see it.

“My mum and dad were pretty tickled by it and the fact we wanted to recreate it."

Iain says the island is just good as he remembers it.

He added: “I hadn’t been to Millport for a while and wanted to return because it’s a place I have fond memories of from when I was a child.

“The views over to Arran are so beautiful.

“It was nicer than I remembered actually. Perhaps when you’re young you don’t fully appreciate it.

“It’s just an all-round nice place; nice things to see, nice scenery, ice cream, and in good weather it’s as good as anywhere in Scotland.”