A KIND-hearted cafe owner has donated £100 to the Douglas Park restoration project.

Claudio Nardini, co-owner of Nardinis at the Moorings, says that the park is an asset to the town that needs protected.

He said: "I took a walk up to Douglas Park the other evening and I was really impressed with the work that all the volunteers have carried out - the park is beginning to look really good again.

" I think they have done a fabulous job and all credit to them.

"I am encouraging our customers to go up and pay the park a visit and see for themselves - it is a beautiful place, and it is great to see it receive the tender loving care that it deserves.

The Douglas Park volunteers, led by Wendy Low Thomson and Caroline Le Good Morgan, have been organised a team of green fingered enthusiasts to spruce up the grounds after it had fallen into a state of neglect in recent years.

To further enhance what is on offer, the ladies are aiming to build a public vandal-proof toilet building with gents, ladies, disabled and a drinking fountain.