A Largs social media guru has penned a new book sharing the secret to his 10-year career in the industry.

Gary Ennis of NSDesign has co-authored ‘Embrace the Space’ alongside Renfrewshire social media trainer Colin Kelly.

The book promises to deliver ‘inspirational insight to businesses that give a damn’ and has already rocketed to number two on Amazon’s ‘Small Business Sales and Marketing’ chart.

The book contains information and advice on everything from Facebook and Twitter to TikTok and Linkedin, as well as stories from their life on the road as social media trainers for hire.

It also includes sections aimed at helping readers avoid social media pitfalls and how to get more people seeing your posts without paying for adverts.

Gary said: “We’ve kept the tone light-hearted because part of what makes our workshops so popular is the banter between Colin and me, so we’ve made sure that comes across in the book.

“But underneath it all is a lot of solid business advice that’s been developed over the years. This isn’t a techy, geeky book and it’s not your typical business book with case study after case study.

“It’s for businesses that give a damn, whatever stage they are at with social media and digital.”

Embrace the Space is available in paperback from Amazon at £19.99 and at www.embracethespacebook.com.