GIN production in Millport is one step closer after the Isle of Cumbrae Distillers produced their first batch of Nostalgin - thanks to their friends from Bute.

The five ladies behind the scheme have taken delivery of their very own still, which was purchased from a firm in Portugal after a crowdfunding initiative which raised more than £20,000.

The 100-litre copper still has been named Maura after the patron Saint Maura of Great Cumbrae and will be at the heart of distillery operations on the island.

However, with their distilling room not yet ready for production, the ladies travelled to the Isle of Bute distillery to create their very first batch.

One of the ladies behind the innovative new business is Philippa Dalton.

She said: “The making of the gin was done by us, alongside the Bute team, but the recipe and all of the ingredients were ours.

“It was fantastic to finally make the drink on a large scale. The expression on all of our faces when we finally seen it produced was quite somethng.

“There was a little bit of concern that it might not taste how we imagined, but it was fantastic and the flavour was exactly right.”

Philippa says the group cannot wait to take delivery of the gin and show their finished product to their fellow islanders.

She said: “Our first batch is being bottled at the distillery on Bute and we are waiting for it to be sent back to Millport.

“Once we get our licences we can open up. There will still be some restrictions in terms of numbers in the shop but we should be able to work something out.

“It’s all very exciting and is the start of the next chapter for Isle of Cumbrae Distillers.”

You can find the distillers' shop at 11 Guildford Street on the island or visit their website at