FURIOUS West Kilbride residents have delivered more than 150 letters of complaint to the council over the state of the Glen.

Villagers previously spoke out over the poor condition of the former beauty spot - but North Ayrshire Council said they would not change their stance on relaxed grass cutting and less maintenance.

Now a determined group is taking their complaints straight to the council’s Cunninghame House offices in a bid to force a council u-turn.

Elizabeth McLardy, who has been organising the petition, says the Glen has been destroyed at the request of a minority in the village and feels she has no option but to take the fight further.

She said: “If you have seen photographs of our once beautiful Glen extension, compare that to what we are standing in now, no wonder so many people are distraught and disillusioned.

“North Ayrshire Council had absolutely no right to take a request from a handful of individuals on something that would have such a dramatic impact on the rest of the community.

“Too many people are affected that we felt we had to do something about it, unfortunately with all the restrictions of the virus made it rather difficult for us.

“However, we are delighted to be able to deliver 154 letters carrying 164 signatures. Without all the lockdown restrictions, we could easily have quadrupled that amount.”

Campaigners say that the decision by the council and groups in the village to relax cutting has left the Glen in a shocking state, with many areas unfit for walking.

Elizabeth said: “During these difficult times many people would have frequented the Glen but because it is so depressing to look at, people are staying away.

“Many others in this village are truly distraught at this latest farcical decision to have ‘relaxed’ grass cutting, so much so they no longer frequent the Glen.

“West Kilbride is so unique in that it has a Glen that comes right into the heart of the Village in two places, and the whole area was once very picturesque.

“However, the community council asked the council to stop cutting to encourage wildlife and wildflowers, utter rubbish, the wildlife that was there has gone, as have the wildflowers.

“By far the majority of people in this village are extremely fond of our Glen and hold many happy memories of them growing up in West Kilbride, so there is always plenty support to protect it.”

Elizabeth is hoping that the letters of complaint will force the council to reconsider, but says the group are ready to take the fight further if necessary.

She said: “We hope that North Ayrshire Council will see sense and resume the normal grass and hedge cutting schedule.

“In the unlikely event that they continue with this absurd scenario, we will most definitely up the pressure. The situation is heartbreaking and a nightmare for all of us who just loved our Glen.

“If they stick to this lunacy, they would simply force ramp up our campaign. To allow this to continue is most certainly not an option.”