A ROW has broken out after a pensioner accused pub staff of failing to help his friend while at 'the point of collapse'.

Jim Bradshaw and pal Jim Campbell were due to take a trip on the Waverley, however the pair were left disappointed when the sailing was cancelled due to bad weather.

The pair decided to pop in to Wetherspoons to escape the rain, with Mr Campbell needing a seat due to his atrial fibrillation, which can leave him breathless after a walk.

Jim says that despite his friend’s obvious discomfort, the staff were rude and 'lacked compassion'.

However pub bosses have hit back - claiming it was the OAPs who were abusive to bar staff.

Jim denied the allegation, saying: “That just isn't the case. We were upset but in no way aggressive to the workers. Why would we contact a newspaper if we were in the wrong?"

He added: “My friend is 72 and because of his disability 200-yard walk from the car park had done him in, so he just sat in the nearest seat to recover while I gave my details.

“He looked as if he was ready to collapse because the least bit of exertion tires him out, but instead of showing compassion the staff member barked at him to move.

“There was no empathy at all for his condition, there was no realisation that he was a disabled person on the point of taking ill."

Jim says he approached another member of staff about the worker's approach and was told they had to leave, which shocked him even more.

He explained: “The attitude of the staff member was terrible and I said to her that it was a bloody disgrace - and then she told us to get out.

“My friend was still recovering but we were put out the door.

“My friend didn’t say much because he was struggling to talk. He was upset, all he wanted to do was catch his breath.”

Jim says he wants to highlight that disabilities are still present even during the pandemic and called for businesses to remember those with health issues.

He said: “We understand that businesses are stressed at the minute and I endorse all measures taken to stop coronavirus transmission, but not at the price of disabled people being treated shoddily.

“Bing told to leave simply because they couldn’t recognise somebody struggling with a disability was poor. I don’t know what Wetherspoons policy is regards training, but someone failed to recognise the situation.

“Normally people recognise Jim doesn't keep well and there are always people opening doors and helping him."

A spokesperson for Wetherspoon said: “The incident in question took place at The Paddle Steamer, when two customers arrived at the door of the pub after queuing to gain entry.

“One customer was permitted to sit at a table, to take a rest, while his friend sat at another table.

“The duty manager tried to explain that they needed to sit at the same table, as she did not want customers going from table to table during the current climate.

“She was subjected to extreme rudeness, verbal abuse and intimidation, as well as wrongly accused of discrimination. They were subsequently asked to leave the pub.

“Wetherspoon will not tolerate anti-social or abusive behaviour of any kind towards our staff.”