Some breathtaking once in a lifetime footage of northern bottlenose whales in Millport bay was captured today by a lucky islander.

Lisa Christie was outdoor swimming earlier this morning when she was joined by two Northern Bottlenose Whales.

She said: "We had a prearranged swim at 10am and about an hour before that we heard they were in the water.

"When we were swimming we could see them further out the bay from us and that’s when they jumped right out the water - it was spectacular to see."

"After that my brother, his dog and I went out on the kayaks to get a look from the water. They were right next to us at one point.

"It was quite thrilling, I loved every minute of it!"

A British Divers Marine Life spokeswoman added: "The laws on observing marine mammals from watercraft ... which can be found in the link below.

"And the number to contact the British Divers Marine Life Rescue in case these animals strand, which is a distinct possibility as they are a deep water species far from their natural habitat. The number is 01825 765546"