The owner of Geraldo’s says it is a ‘gin-gin’ for all parties as she becomes the first stockist of the Isle of Cumbrae Distillers Nostalgin on the mainland.

The Distillers launched their inaugural product to a great reception a few weeks ago and are now branching out to shops on the mainland.

Toni Dawson says she is delighted to be the first business to share the island’s newest export with Largs and the rest of the country.

She said: “I saw some posts online from the ladies about what they were doing on the island, and I was really keen to stock them.

“There have been a lot of customers coming in and asking about the gin and if we wer stocking it, and up until now I have had to say no.

“They were keen to get it but no have to travel over to the island, so I am delighted to be the first mainland stockist of Nostalgin.”

Toni believes the distillers have designed their gin very well to bring back memories and nostalgia for the much-loved holiday destination.

She explained: “I think it’s going to be hugely popular not just in this area but across the country, everyone has some kind of connection with Cumbrae and Millport.

“It’s such an easy place to go and escape and the gin really plays on that, I love the branding and the name and it just sums up the island experience.

“There are so many gins on the market and everyone is vying for shelf space, but I think the Isle of Cumbrae Distillers are going to stand out.

“Their gin is really unique and it has come from Cumbrae, so in my eyes the five ladies have got an instant win.”

Toni says the response to the gin in her shop has been fantastic, and the partnership between Geraldo’s and the Distillers is a win for all.

She said: “The gin is already selling nicely in the shop and on the website, people can buy it from us for local delivery or send it to someone as a gift.

“I believe they are going to be bringing out smaller bottles which are always really good as an affordable gift, and we will definitely be putting them in our hampers.

“The postal charges to send bottles from the island will be incredibly high, so to have a mainland stockist who has a variety of gins is a win-win situation for everyone.”

The Distillers said: “We are thrilled to be stocking Nostalgin on the mainland which is technically overseas and for our amazing neighbours and supporters, you can now purchase Nostalgin at the fabulous Geraldo's.

“But promise us you'll make a point of visiting us at the distillery in the future. It is definitely worth the trip, and we'd love to meet you.

“We'll be expanding to other stockists throughout Scotland in the near future. The nature of a craft distillery is that we are small and we need your continued support to get our name out.

“If you have a favourite shop in your town, do help us out and request our gin and then send us a message to let us know the shop name so we can make the connection.”