THOUGHTLESS parking on a major route to Millport's Lady Margaret Hospital could cause havoc for ambulances it is feared.

Concerns have been raised about the parking situation on College Street, which sits beside the entrance to the Cathedral of the Isles.

Community councillor Lisa Christie says the issue will cause access problems for ambulances trying to speed a sick person to the medical centre for care as traffic cannot safely pass in both directions.

She added: "Hopefully no one needs an ambulance to the hospital in a hurry, especially if there’s oncoming traffic.

"It’s been like this on many weekends over the summer. This is the main road to hospital, this congestion could delay saving a life."

The continuing degradation of the island's roads is a wider issue in the opinion of Cumbrae Community Council.

They say Kames Street, Woodlands Street, Barend Street and the junction Ferry Road with Hastie Avenue all need resurfacing.

Community councillor Crawford Gillan had also submitted two reports via the North Ayrshire Council 'Report it App' regarding the 'disgraceful state' of a footpath at Ferry Road approaching Balliekillet Farm.

He said: "The path was completely overgrown in weeds and grass and is forcing pedestrians on to the main road at a blind bend on a particularly busy road.

"Cumbrae Community Council are very concerned regarding this and the likelihood of a serious accident should the matter not be addressed. "

The combination of cheaper ferry fares in recent years and the rise in staycations has seem Millport mobbed during sunshine weather - and despite bus and biking facilities on the island - people are heading over in their droves in cars.

Local chef Kenny Sutherland recently highlighted in the News the problem of cracked up roads and feared patients in ambulances could be hurt while travelling to Lady Margaret Hospital.

Labour councillor Alex Gallagher, who has the Cabinet portfolio for islands and economic recovery, said: "I think this is a serious problem for the island.

"We do have an annual plan to upgrade all our roads but it is a very big job and the budget is limited as there have been vicious cuts.

"In terms of the number of cars going across, we have raised this with CalMac, but there is no legal way you can stop people coming on to the ferry with their cars. It is a particularly acute problem on Cumbrae.

"There is nothing anyone can do about irresponsible parking unless it is stopped by enforcement and this is something North Ayrshire Council is looking to take over, but it has been disrupted due to the Covid-19 situation.

"The only answer we can give is that we are working with island groups how we can mitigate the problem of too many cars and it is the subject of our cabinet pre-agenda."