A MYSTERIOUS old building in Largs is at the centre of a spook-tacular mystery after an amazing photograph was published showing a ghostly apparition.

The snap shows a man's face within a window space of the old structure in Douglas Park.

The photo, shown here, was taken with an 80-year-old camera and depicts the image within the ruin, near to the Burns Garden, which lies close to a prehistoric burial ground.

Regulars at the park have also been taken aback by the astonishing picture.

Dog walker Margaret McEwan said: "I think it is incredible. I remember going up there as a child and that building was all locked up with an old fashioned door.

"I think the image will spark a lot of interest in the area among ghost hunters."

The person behind the camera was a Czech gentleman, who took the shot while living in Largs four years ago.

The former resident, who did not want to be named, said: "The photo was taken in late September in early 2016.

"The camera I used was Rolleiflex from the 1930s; it is called Rolleiflex Original now. I'm a darkroom enthusiast and it was a Foma 400 film, developed at home.

"At the time, I was living in Largs. I came for work with my then-girlfriend, now my wife.

"As you can see, besides the scan itself I took a snapshot of the negative against the window so people can see it is truly there.

"I also pointed out to those who say it is double exposure that they can see the leaves on the tree each with a single shape - leaves tend to move and that would lead to at least some of them being exposed twice in various positions.

"I just took the picture and there was nobody there when I did. I didn't have any special feeling at the time and I visited the park often as I loved the views.

"I also love megalithic tombs and standing stones, well, prehistory in general, so it was extremely interesting to me to have one so close.

"I don't know who it is but the more people research the photo, the better the chance someonecan explain it."

The man sparked a a wave of interest after posting the photo to the Reddit community forum website, where he uploaded the photos.

He added: "We loved Largs, it actually persuaded us to choose a house in a more remote part of the local suburbs in the Czech Republic as we so enjoyed the local vibe and atmosphere so much. The photo certainly brought back some memories."

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