LARGS Academy head teacher John Doherty has praised pupils for adapting quickly to school life during the coronavirus pandemic.

He estimates that around 45,000 sets of hands have been sanitised since the school returned in August and says the can-do attitude of young people and staff has kept the Academy running well during a difficult time.

It was a period when the school also had to cope with a coronavirus outbreak that saw a number of pupils forced to self isolate after a fourth year contracted the virus.

Mr Doherty said: “We are so proud of our young people who have adapted quickly and effortlessly to any measures we have put in place to keep them safe.

“Our focus is still on ensuring that our young people are learning and achieving in a supportive school environment.”

The head teacher also noted the achievements of pupils since they returned, including raising money for Largs Foodbank, with young people's achievements recently recognised at a socially-distanced prize-giving event.

Mr Doherty added: “As the world outside the school becomes more restricted once again, the successes within our walls have been even more meaningful this session.

“With your support, out first Fundraising Friday for Largs Food Bank raised over £450 and saw over 1,000 individual items donated.

“Our prizegiving ceremonies recognised the academic achievements and efforts of over 250 pupils, and we are compiling a video of photos of every winner to share with parents and families very soon.”

The head teacher also provided an update on the cancelled national five exams for pupils next year, and says that a virtual Q&A will be organised for parents to ask any questions about the process.

Mr Doherty added: “I hope our young people make the most of the October break.

“Term one has seen us successfully overcome many challenges and this is a chance for them to switch off and relax.

“I hope parents enjoy having them back home during the weekdays and we look forward to welcoming them all back on October 20 at 9am.”