Residents couldn't get through to the council hotline number to report a road emergency on Saturday evening affecting motorists on the Haylie Brae in Largs.

Council chief Craig Hatton has said that the local authorities will update their procedures after members of the public had problems getting through on the 01294 310000 phone line to report the matter.

Resident Archie Burleigh, who regularly follows road issues in the area, highlighted the problem to the council's chief exec who has apologised on the matter.

Archie said: "I had occasion to call the council's emergency roads number on Saturday evening at 6.13pm.

"Despite holding for ten minutes I was unable to get through despite being advised I was at position 1 in the queue.

"I dropped the call and proceeded to call Largs Police Station and got through almost immediately.

"The reason for the call was a rockfall on the south bound carriageway of the A760 Largs to Kilbirnie road.

"The location is at the steep sided cutting 500 metres south of the Largs viewpoint car park at the top of the Haylie Brae.

"I made a further call to the council's emergency number at 6.58pm and again was unable to connect. Thankfully Largs Police attended the situation.

"This is a very unsatisfactory service from what should be a robust direct service for a road emergency.

"I trust the council will revisit their systems and procedures and improve the situation forthwith.

"The requested press 1 to leave a voicemail didn't work either."

Archie voiced his disappointment at the issue in emails to local councillors and North Ayrshire Chief Executive Craig Hatton who has promised to update procedures.

Craig said: "Please accept my apologies for the difficulties you encountered in reporting this emergency situation.

"I will ensure that the systems are reviewed to ensure that this issue is resolved as a matter of urgency."

A Police Scotland spokesperson said: “Around 5.45pm on Saturday, 3 October, police were called to the A760 Largs to Kilbirnie road, following reports of rocks and debris on the road. Officers assisted their partners from the Council until the road was cleared at around 8.45pm.”

A council spokesman said: "The rock slide was essentially minor slip of loose soil and some rocks, it encroached the road by about a foot.

"The material was removed and and they checked there was no other loose material likely to slip from the banking.

"It was also checked again on Sunday to make sure no further slippage."