First Minister Nicola Sturgeon has issued a stark warning that a second national lockdown could be triggered if the current regulations are not followed. 

With England entering a month-long lockdown this week, Wee Paper readers in Largs and the surrounding towns and villages have been givng their thoughts on the issue. 

The majority of residents are against another national lockdown in the next few months, saying it has been tried and failed. 

Ross Newton said: "If lockdowns work, we wouldn't need a second one. They provide a temporary respite - a short term solution, at the unbalanced expense of serious social and economic problems."

Suzie Turner agreed, saying: "Lockdowns aren't working that is obvious, the national lockdown that ended in July showed that. It's time the politicians and the government scientific advisors admitted they were wrong."

Jensen Newton believes that lockdowns are having a much worse effect on people's health compared to the virus itself. 

He said: "One problem is that a lot of people either can't see the health, societal and economic damage lockdowns do, for them covid is the only show in town.

"Excess deaths are now higher than the 5 year average and they are linked to the consequences of lockdowns rather than covid.

"We are now doomed to the cycle of going in and out of lockdown because the alternative is the national and devolved governments admitting they've messed this up horribly and us and many future generations will pay a heavy price for that."

However, some residents say that there was huge benefit to the national lockdown earlier in the year. 

John Millar said: "The lockdown prevented people from contracting covid, cases were at a minimum and the death toll daily report said zero. So yes it did work."

Graeme Connell said: "I think with current infection rates and hospital admissions rising rapidly it is going to have to happen. Those who say lockdown didn’t work miss the point.

"It drove the infection rate down to minimal levels for a prolonged period. Now it’s shooting back up. This is now the only way to buy us time without healthcare implosions to get closer to a working vaccine so we can eventually redeem some form of normality. It’s the only end game."