PLANS for a new hardstanding parking area for motorhomes on Millport have been submitted to North Ayrshire Council.

There have been calls for a designated site for motorhomes on the Isle of Cumbrae after a boom in visits over recent years which caused parking issues.

On day this summer there were 23 camper vans set up in one Millport street - sparking talks place between Cumbrae Community Development Company and North Ayrshire Council to address the situation.

Cumbrae Community Development Company have now submitted a planning application with a suggested solution within the Garrison's grounds.

The grassed area would be landscaped and provide space for 17 motorhomes. The area is 1,200 square metres, pictured.

By providing improved infrastructure facilities, it is hoped that it will help encourage motorhomes to park at the proposed facility and clear surrounding streets.

The proposed site is described as relatively flat and has access from Clifton Street between the current huts on existing hardstanding. No new access roads are required and no change is required to public paths.

The proposed parking areas will be self-draining with treated timber edging retaining the gravel surface.

There will also be a flush down system for chemical waste from the motor homes together with a water supply to allow visitors to fill up their tanks. The chemical waste disposal point is to be located behind the existing high hedges with timber screening and will connect to existing systems in

the area. Water supplies would be available on site.

The applicants are Robertson Design Practice on behalf of Cumbrae Community Development Company.

The area of ground earmarked is based in the rear grounds to the Garrison building. There will be additional landscaping if required, to be agreed with client prior to works.

The problems caused by the explosion in motorhomes has been often discussed at Cumbrae Community Council meetings. Concerns raised include people dumping waste from chemical toilets and leaving bags of rubbish behind when they depart.

North Ayrshire councillor Tom Marshall, who is head of planning, said: "This is a positive step.

"We have had this problem of motorhomes parking on the seafront and they also need a place to safely dispose of waste from chemical toilets. People have been putting chemical toilets down normal sewers and that is frankly unsafe."