Legal action has begun against the operators of the Waverley following its crash at Brodick Pier in September.

Two passengers have now hired solicitors and are bringing personal injury claims against the company Waverley Excursions.

The iconic paddle steamer had just returned to service when it crashed into Brodick Pier on the Isle of Arran on September 3 after departing from Largs earlier in the day.

The crash injured 24 people with some taken to hospital, and an investigation by the Marine Accident Investigation Branch is ongoing.

Thompsons Solicitors say they are representing two passengers who were holidaying in Scotland and who “suffered terrible injuries”.

Solicitor Nicola Thompson is leading the legal action against the owners of the Waverley on behalf of the passengers.

She said: "We know from eyewitness reports that the vessel approached the pier at Brodick at a substantial speed and struck with an enormous force.

“Many passengers who were queuing to disembark were propelled forward at excess speed.

“This inevitably led to significant injuries to a large number of passengers as they crashed against walls and bulkheads on the ferry."

She added: "We are fast tracking a legal claim on behalf of two passengers who were holidaying in Scotland and suffered terrible injuries due to the collision.

“Their entire trip was ruined and in addition they suffered the indignity of being refused any refund by the operators of the Waverley.

"We will be initiating further claims shortly and call on the ferry owners to meet with us to conclude these matters as quickly as possible."

A spokesperson for Waverley Excursions said no communication had been received about legal action resulting from the crash.

They said: “Any claims we receive will be passed directly to our insurers. We can confirm that anyone who was involved in the incident who had contacted us has been issued a full refund.”

The paddle steamer had only just returned to service in August after a multi-million-pound boiler refit.

Its first sailings of the year were further delayed due to an “unexpected technical and administration issue”.

The Waverley had previously been involved in an accident in 2017 when it crashed into the pier at Rothesay.

In 2009, the boat hit the breakwater near Dunoon with 700 passengers on board, which led to 12 suffering minor injuries.

The remainder of the sailing season for 2020 was cancelled due to the heavy damage sustained at the front of the boat.

The iconic vessel currently sits at its berth in the centre of Glasgow whilst repairs are carried out in the hope that she will sail again in 2021.

Since being gifted to the Paddle Steamer Preservation Society in 1994, she has carried more than six million passengers on cruises across the UK.