Bomb disposal experts from the Royal Navy were called in to detonate a wartime mine in the Firth of Clyde off the coast of Wemyss Bay. 

The device was trawled up by fishermen who were evacuated from the boat by Troon Lifeboat and Rothesay Coastguard Rescue Team. 

The vessel was sailed to Ettrick Bay on the Isle of Bute and a controlled detonation at sea was carried out by divers from the Navy's Northern Diving Group. 

The mine still contained around 350kg of explosive material, and the controlled detonation sent water high into the air. 

Lieutenant Commander Mark Shaw is the Commanding Officer of Northern Diving Group. 

He said: "Considering it had been in the water for around 80 years, the mine's condition was remarkable. 

"From the initial pictures we were able to easily identify the mine type, and, importantly, determine that the explosive fill was intact and therefore presented a significant hazard."