Residents at Portencross were wondering what was happening when they could see what appeared to be an evening rescue operation taking place in the quite hamlet last night.

Locals went on to community forums asking if anybody knew what the cause of the search lights in the area could be in relation to.

The mystery was solved the following morning as Ardrossan Coastguard Rescue Team explained that they were carrying out a training session.

A coastguard spokesperson said: "The training session was a refresher on responding to Lost and Missing Person searches with an initial recap on theory before the team were presented with a simulated missing person callout.

"By following the search plan created and utilising a range of key search techniques, the missing person was located within the search area.

"Following a short but physically demanding stretcher carry due to the terrain, the casualty was in a suitable position for a handover to the Scottish Ambulance Service with a full casualty handover using a standardised method before being conveyed to a higher level of care."