A TALENTED young Largs singer is starring on a charity single to raise funds for Clyde 1’s Cash for Kids.

Nuala Cameron-Finn, nine, was one of 30 youngsters from across Scotland to feature alongside Skerryvore on their version of John Lennon classic ‘Happy Xmas (War is Over)’.

Nuala was chosen through her work with at Songbird Singing in Greenock.

Proud mum Lynne explained: “She goes to classes there every week.

“The pupils usually go round care homes and sing at this time of year but obviously they couldn’t do that, so they recorded a song and put it online.

“Songbird discovered that Skerryvore were making a charity single and were asking kids to send in clips to be included, so they submitted theirs.

“It turned out that the band were singing in a completely different key, so the songbirds recorded theirs again and five of them got picked.”

Lynne says Nuala, who is a member of Largs Youth Theatre, was thrilled when she found out she had been selected.

She added: “This is her first real singing on a national level. She has done promos for the theatre school, but this is much bigger.

“A couple of weeks ago there was an online competition on Facebook and she came second place in that."

Lynne says all of these organisations moving online during the pandemic allowed her daughter to keep honing her skill set.

She explained: “She’s been really lucky because the theatre school ran classes and Largs did online workshops as well.

“Being able to keep up her singing and acting online was a huge plus for Nuala during lockdown as she could keep doing what she loves.

“She wants to sing as a career or perform in some way - and she works really hard for someone her age.”

Teacher Suzie O’Donoghue, from Songbird Singing, says Nuala she has a bright future ahead.

She said: “The band are friends of mine and got in touch to ask if the kids would take part in their video.

“Nuala is an exceptional student. She is always working hard and is forever smiling. She's an absolute pleasure to teach.

“I couldn't be prouder of her achievements this year amd I know she will continue to grow and develop her singing, dancing and acting skills.”

You can check out Skerryvore’s charity single for Clyde 1’s Cash for Kids on their Facebook page.