IT was the end of an era in Largs in 2008 as Woolworths closed its doors for the final time.

Indeed, it was the end of trading at the local store, which opened back in 1960 in Aitken Street.
The News reported that all permanent and temporary staff were set to lose their jobs unless an eleventh hour buyer could be found.
At the time, local businessman John Corrigan, of Acre Lettings, who has been involved in bringing retailers to Largs, said he was very hopeful that a big chain would be interested in filling the vacant unit if Woolworths went.

Tesco Express would later to move into the premises.

The News reported on the last days of trading in December 2009 as the shop opened its doors for the final time.

We said: "The shop was mobbed as people looked for bargains during the credit crunch with heavily discounted goods - and even shop fittings up for sale."

Largs woman Brenda Blue said: "We need to keep Woolworths. It needs to stay at all costs. It is great for bargains. Largs badly needs big indoor stores like Woolworths, particularly when the weather is bad, it is like a big shopping mall."

Readers have also expressed their memories. Cameron Taylor said: "I worked there as a Saturday boy from August 1984 until August 1986.

"The best time was at Christmas when all the festive tunes were blaring out from ‘the record counter’ all day and then we would all hit The Sheiling pub for a few pints. I made some very good friends there."

Caroline Le Good Morgan said: "Woolworths was my 'go to' shop for absolutely everything, bar groceries."

"School uniform needs like plimsoles, grey shorts, pinafores, shorts, PE kit, Ladybird dressing gowns and slippers, pyjamas, household and garden things, electrical - I literally bought EVERYTHING in Woolworths. There were also passport photos in the photo booth, Christmas trees, curtain rails and towels."

Jamye Lee Walker said: "I loved Woolies. It had everything.

"I miss working there in the entertainment department. I remember when they shipped in the new Harry Potter books and we were forbidden to open the box, although I caught a quick glance."

Linda Congalton said: "It was my very first job at 14 for five years. I loved the Largs and Greenock stores.

Another former staff member Linda Simpson said: "It was a great shop and I worked with some really nice people. I miss it for the knick-knacks and other stuff."

Under the headline 'Decimal Day a piece of cake in Largs', we told how the shop got ready for the change to the pound in 1971.

We reported: "Some of the shopkeepers were hoping for extra business but found that a lot of their customers were delaying shopping until later in the week when they would be more accustomed to the new prices."

Mr David Walsh, manager of Woolworths, described the day as 'a piece of cake'. He is pictured below with staff on the roof of the premises in the early 70s.

Largs and Millport Weekly News:

“It’s a Woolworths store!” was our headline on the front page of June 17 1959, as the chain revealed its plans to move into the former Frazer’s Garage in Main Street, beginning its long association with the town.

However, bringing a big chain store to Largs high street had a few dissenting voices at the time.

Largs Town Council treasurer Theodore Speaker said: “I hear people say stores of this kind will change the character of life here, but I believe progress is life.

"It will bring more employment to our citizens and I cannot but welcome this project."