EIGHT Largs residents have been hailed as lockdown heroes after a search by the town's Morrisons store.

Staff asked people to nominate those who had gone above and beyond over the last 12 months to help in the community during the pandemic.

Morrisons staff had planned to crown just one community hero but so many people were put forward that eight were eventually chosen, with each presented with a gift from the store

Paul Gregory was hailed after organising weekly socially distanced street parties in The Roundel during the pandemic.

One resident said: “We all went from neighbours who didn’t know each other well, to a community who look after each other and became friends.”

Sally Dillon was recognised for the fantastic work she has done as a district nurse in Largs for over 20 years, as well as working tirelessly throughout the pandemic, while super volunteer Cathy Hughes was named after launching the Largs Help at Hand page, which has supported hundreds of residents since March.

One nomination said: “Cathy has organised hospital transport for people, dogs walked, medication collected, made phone calls of friendship to vulnerable people and done shopping for people.”

Pastor Tasha Alison, from Largs Church of The Nazarene, was nominated for her ‘Takeaway Homemade’ programme in partnership with Largs Food Bank, which has provided more than 2,000 fresh meals to residents since March, while Thom Williamson was rewarded for his work as part of the Largs Resilience Team and First Responders, who joined forces to deliver prescriptions and shopping for the most vulnerable.

Foodbank volunteer Joanna Louis was hailed a hero for her weekly work at the lifeline service.

She is also a volunteer with Women’s Aid and has organised fundraisers at Largs Academy in 2020, collecting almost £1,000 for their Malawi partnership.

Janet Muir, also known as ‘the cake fairy’, has been recognised for her charity work this year, including her head shave for MacMillan Cancer which raised over £2,000.

She has also delivered cakes and home baking free of charge to groups and individuals around the town through lockdown.

The final community hero was Donald Skinner, who as part of the town’s community garden provided home grown potatoes for over 50 residents self-isolating in the area.

He has also been involved in helping Largs Primary children in their growing projects as well as supporting the academy with its outdoor area.