A SCHOOLGIRL had to be rescued by a specialist fire crew after plunging 15 feet down an embankment onto rocks below.

Two fire engines, two ambulances, police cars and a rescue team were all called to the Gogo Burn around 7pm on Saturday as part of a major emergency response.

The Largs teen had fallen off the edge of river bank onto a rocky surface below after the accident in woodlands east of Bellesdale Avenue.

A spokesperson for Scottish Fire and Rescue said: "We were asked by the ambulance service to attend and we helped to rescue a young girl from a difficult position.

"We received the call at 7.32pm, and our crews left the scene at 8.38pm.

"Two fire appliances were in attendance and various height equipment was utilised to help access the area and rescue the 14-year-old."

Residents in Bellesdale Avenue liaised with police and fire crews to help locate the stricken teen.

After winching her to safety, she was taken away by ambulance for treatment. There are no further details on her injuries.

A local resident has said that police need to give the area 'urgent attention', claiming youths are using it as a spot to congregate during lockdown.

Largs man Robbie Stevenston, who is also a local community councillor, says the weekend drama unfolded after a large group of youngsters made their way into the woods on Saturday to meet.

He added: "I hope that the young girl makes a full recovery, that is the most important thing.

"At around 5pm a group of youths started to walk down the woods to the clearing beside river All in there were around 20 youths, many of them girls who looked to me be aged around 14 or 15.

"At 7pm we were contacted to open the gate to the path which leads down to hydro station so that emergency vehicles could gain access

"The young girl had fallen of edge of river bank onto the rocks several metres below. One of the youngsters helped me to open the gate and said that she 'could not feel her legs'. They told me she had landed hard on the rocks below and they had been unable to rescue her as the river bank is almost vertical.

"Thankfully we could lead the emergency services to her and the young girl was taken away in ambulance.

"I engaged with both the fire brigade and one of the police vehicles in attendance who were not from this area. I advised them they that this had been an accident waiting to happen

"For months groups of youths have been congregating at weekends within the woodland and we and other residents in Bellesdale Avenue have raised concerns on the risks associated with them being alongside the Gogo Burn.

"Luckily on this occasion the water level was unseasonably low due lack of recent rainfall or the outcome could have been very different.

"Parents should be aware of the danger that their children are putting themselves into by congregating at this location, particularly with the recent heavy frost and treacherous ground conditions."

Police Scotland confirmed that they are investigating the circumstances around the incident.