Halkshill Bowling Club in Largs have offered their clubhouse to help with the roll-out of coronavirus vaccinations in Largs.

Secretary Alan Rodgers told the News they decided to step forward after reading our article on how the council was looking for buildings to administer the jabs.

The pandemic has hit the club hard and the offer comes as members ask the community to help them survive after a year of crippling losses.

Largs councillor Alex Gallagher now plans to explore the offer and believes the club's location in the centre of town would make it easily accessible.

The Wilson Street indoor and outdoor facility is very popular but like many others has suffered during lockdown.

Alan said: "We were moved to reach out after reading the story about the vaccination programme in the News.

"We could house people both inside and out and we are more than happy to help.

"2020 has been a disastrous time for us and it seems unlikely that the club will open in the foreseeable future.

"Currently it is being run on a shoestring basis. Any maintenance problems are being dealt with by the house and works committee.

"Our treasurer has been very active in securing any grants available but he is still very concerned about our ability to meet all our expenditure over the longer term.

"Any suggestions on how we can raise money will be gratefully received."

Alan said that a government hand-out earlier this year of £25,000 was crucial to the club's survival.

He added: "When the grant dries up, we need to find other ways of making money. The average take from the bar every week is around £4,500, so that is a big loss. We have staff on furlough but we still have electricity, water and other bills to pay for. The members have been marvellous and all paid up their membership fees, which gave us a vital boost at a difficult time.

"Sadly we only had five or six people playing weekly on a weekly basis when bowling was possible under the guidelines and we have around 160 male and 43 female members. We would normally host functions and local groups too, so it's all added up."

Alan also urged any members needing help with shopping or even just wanting a chat to reach out to a board member.

He added: "Finally to each and everyone, please follow all the relevant guidance rules, stay safe and well and hopefully we'll all meet on the green in the not too distant future."