You might be forgiven for thinking that over the past year, much musical activity has ceased.

Not so with Clyde Coast Fiddle Society which includes a number of members from the Largs area including Caroline Le Good Morgan.

Caroline explained: "Since last March, they have been having weekly Zoom practice sessions every Saturday morning.

"Players from Clyde Coast, and from further afield including Cowal, Glasgow and Dunfermline, have joined together to have ‘virtual rehearsals’.

"It’s been great fun, and has allowed players to keep in touch and to practise together during these difficult times.

"We are always happy to welcome others to join in."

The Facebook Page “Clyde Coast Fiddlers” will give all the necessary details, including how to download both the sheet music and the practice sound files. All of this is completely free of charge.

If you would like to join in, please contact .

Caroline added: "The other bonus of the zoom sessions is that although you can hear the music to play along with, no one can hear you - so no need to worry!

"Outside of Covid times we meet in Skelmorlie on Saturday mornings.

"We have plans to continue zoom meetings until we can meet up for live rehearsals. The musical director is Allan MacDougall .

"We encourage anyone who is interested to join in not to feel shy , the music and sound files for practise are available on our facebook page."